We will only make investments when we are clear how this investment will create value.   We invest mainly in real estate where we see multiple opportunities to create value for our investors. Because we only put investors funds into investments after we make sure that the investors receive first mortgage backed security for their investments. Any investment will be monitored by the Notary before the invested funds will leave his escrow account.This rule limits the investors risks. Our approach to value creation and plan the transformation or repositioning of a property before we acquire it is unique. We ensure the effective implementation of our concept by being involved in our businesses at every level, with multiple touch points that allow us to drive through the changes we have identified:

As a private equity investment firm, we typically raise funds from high profile investors such as Private persons, Venture capital funds  and family offices. By investing in private equity, these investors aim to achieve higher risk-adjusted returns for their savings and investments. We accept the responsibility through our Corporate Governance and secure this through our Compliance department.

The private equity funds we raise are used to acquire asset-backed businesses that can be transformed through fundamental change. As a private equity firm, we aim to create long-term value by transforming heritage property into senior luxury apartments and care hotels for public markets. We search for opportunities which have been overlooked. We actively seek out investments in sectors which may be out of favour as residential living or which have been under-managed or under-capitalised. 

Through a combination of strategic and operational changes, experienced management and sustained investment, we improve the properties we acquire. We create value for all our stakeholders by building better mansions, which are then sold to realise a return for the investors in our funds.